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Flat 4, 128 Mount Street, Mayfair, London -  UK

Project Type 

3-bedrooms Duplex Attic Refurbishment

175 sq m
Worked Stages
Planning, Technical Design and Construction
Construction complete
Role and Responsabilities
Architect for RIBA stages 2 to 4.

Responsible for producing technical design an detailed drawings, assist Senior Interior Designer.
Project Description

128 Mount Street is situated in the Mayfair Conservation between Carlos Place and Berkeley Street, on the south side of Mount Street and at the south end of Carpenter Street. Flat 4 is a duplex attic (4th and 5th floor) that enjoys a front façade to Mount Street in Mayfair, one of the most fashionable and fine districts of London since 18th century. 

TFA was granted permission to make minor internal layout alterations and a general internal refurbishment to suit the lifestyle of the owner and his family. 

Among the refurbishment works executed in line with Westminster UDP Policy DES 5 (reflecting the style and details of the existing building) were:

- new bathroom layout on 4th floor.

- new arrangement to existing bathrooms on 5th floor.

- in situ refurbishment to  painted mullioned and transomed casement windows and leaded fan lights.

- new arrangement  to doors on 5th floor.

- existing masonry walls had non original plaster removed.

- panelling and skirting to Sitting was retained and fully refurbished.

- fibrous plaster applied panels with moulding to staircase walls.

- existing stone stair retained and fully refurbished.

- no original floor finishes replaces by new hardwood floor and stone/marble.

- new acoustic insulation between existing joists.

- existing listed ceiling in the Sitting was retained and refurbished. 

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