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Project Description

Number 19 Golden Square is located within the City of Westminster, in a prominent corner on the southern edge of Golden Square. The property is sited approximately 100 metres to the east of Regent Street and 220 meters to the north of Piccadilly Circus. The property is a five storey building with a retail unit at ground and basement levels and offices use from first to fifth floors. 


The proposals for 19 Golden Square include the retention of the overall Beaux Arts style which is prevalent in the surrounding area and of 19 Golden Square. The internal stair will undergo fire separation between first and second floor levels but this will only require minor alterations to the existing fabric and will not affect the external façade of the building. 


As for the fifth floor, two proposals were presented and granted with planning permission:


  1. Partial demolition of fifth floor roof and erection of replacement roof storey including re-modelling and creation of roof level terrace, use of first to fifth floors as three flats (Class C3) and installation of plant at main roof level and at lower roof level at rear. Namely, internal alterations, amendments to the roof access enclosure and alterations to the rooflight configuration. 

  2. Total demolition of roof; use of first-fifth floors to create two residential units (1x2 bed and 1x3 deb); remodelling and extension of fifth floor and creation of roof level terrace; installation of one condenser unit at roof level; associated internal works.  The arrangement, proportion and detailing of the new windows at fifth level will match those below. The use of a Diocletian window allows consistency with the tripartite window arrangement below but also provides a reference to the numerous arches in the neighbouring facades as well as continuing the traditional use of Diocletian windows in the local area.


19 Golden Square, Soho, London -  UK

Project Type 

5 office floors refurbishment and conversion into 3 apartments.

395 sq m
Worked Stages
Technical Design
Construction complete
Role and Responsabilities
Architect for RIBA stage 4.

Responsible for producing technical design an detailed drawings, assist Senior Interior Designer.
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